In our repertoir we open Love, Nature, Faith as topics, for we believe in the healing power of these, for people, planet Earth and also for our homeland - the beautiful Czech lands.

The music of Bohemia Voice transcends genres, aiming to bring together people who are open to perceiving music in its pure beauty.

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Our carefully selected repertoire includes swing, gospel, pop, and, most importantly, classical music.

Concerts of Bohemia Voice

Oslava života na planetě Zemi

31. 1. 2025

koncert se Slovenským komorným orchesterom

CD Vánoce s Bohemia Voice

podklad – foto CD

odkaz na prodejní stránku – tlačítko Více n. Objednat


National anthem performed for athletes who competed at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games

Concert for the President of India in Prague

Tour in India

Bohemia Voice in concert

Italy: Torino – Piccolo Regio Giacomo Puccini, Theatro Grassi 
Germany: Philharmonie Berlin, Munich – Prinzregenten Theater, Bad Kissingen – Regentenbau
Mexico: Templo de la Companía de Jesús, Sala Nezahualcóyotl, Teatro Degollado,
USA: NY – Carnegie Hall, Washington DC – National Gallery of Art, NYC – Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bailey Hall Auditorium, L.A. – Valley Performing Arts Center, Aliso Viejo – Soka Performing Arts Center Aud., Berkeley – Zellerbach Hall, Folsom – Harris Center for the Arts
Switzerland: Monastery Courtyard 
Austria: Bregenzer Festspiele   
Israel, Poland, Slovakia, …

Members of Bohemia Voice

Nikol Turoňová



Mikhail Pashayev

Mikhail Pashayev


Former members of Bohemia Voice: Zuzana Seibertová, Lukáš Sládek, Martin Slavík, Věra Likérová